Game of Thrones

We have been working on Game of Thrones since the pilot episode in 2009 right through to Season 8, when it comes to an end this year. GOT presented many challenges over the years as we provided radios and mobiles across multiple countries and up to 5 filming units simultaneously. We rose to all of these challenges. Another major challenge was providing mobile wifi to the departments across many locations and ensuring they could access the large data requirements needed on such a VFX heavy show.

We worked closely with our partners at EE to get the very best mobile coverage and data packages, we even negotiated changing the angle of a specific mast to increase coverage on a location. This kind of relationship with the network has made it possible for us to provide top class communications to our productions.

We are incredibly proud of our 10 years of work on GOT and were delighted when they honoured us with our own Emmy certificate when they won Outstanding Drama series in 2014/2015!